Monday, May 19, 2014

stress less

this past week I have found myself stressed out. to the max. bryan was on a business trip. I was home by myself. Ava was teething. the list could go on. and on.

stress is the major cause of illness in our lives. I don't want to go on living a stressful life. it isn't fair to my husband. it isn't fair to my daughter. because we all know who gets the brunt of our stress releasing. I do not want to bark at my family. or take my frustration out on them. I choose to be stress free. I choose to stress less. these are some of the ways I free myself of stress.

1.) spend a day at the beach // walk along the ocean. close your eyes and listen to the crashing of the waves. listen to the screaming of the sea gulls. burrow your feet deep into the sand. let the sand exfoliate your toes. the beach is one of my very favorite places to go. the beach may not be your ideal place. where is your favorite place to go? then go there!

2.) talk about it // but don't talk too much. those stressful feelings can sometimes return with a vengeance.  just ask my shoulder blades and my neck. find that friend. the one you can trust. ask them to listen. ask them to just be there.

3.) ask for a hug // I have done this. and it was weird at first. but when you let go and allow yourself to melt into the arms of another all stress is released. hold that hug for more than 10 seconds and your endorphins will thank you. my hugging buddy is my husband. I don't have to ask for a hug much anymore because he knows precisely when I need one.

4.) just breathe // literally. breathe in and out. slow controlled breaths. try closing your eyes and focus on your breath. count to ten if you want to. or one hundred if it's real bad.

5.) dance it out // turn your favorite music on and just dance. dance in the car. dance in the kitchen. dance on the bed. have fun. make it even more fun by allowing your friends to join. make it a party!

6.) pray about it // but don't let that be your last resort. God wants to listen. He understands you and knows all your stress. He wants to help. tell Him your problems.

7.) go for a run // or go for a walk if you're one of those "I don't run unless someone is chasing me" people. do some form of exercise. this gives you endorphins. endorphins make you happy. I like happy.

8.) focus on what you can control // there are so many stressors in our lives that we have no control over. so don't waste a moment longer worrying about those. find a way around the problem. find a solution to the problem.

9.) journal about it // write it down. writing your feelings & stressors down on paper at the end of the day will help to relieve that unneeded stress. will help you sleep better too!

10.) cook a homemade meal // try picking a simple meal than picking the hardest one in the book or you may become even more stressed. stick to a basic. make it fun. turn the music up loud. wear a cute apron. make a mess. or don't if a mess makes you stress. use the nice glassware. light candles.

what do you do to manage your stress & stay positive?