Friday, October 17, 2014

my birth story

this is our story. the story of how our little Ava greeted the world:

when we found out I was pregnant we signed up for a birthing class right away. we wanted to be as knowledgable as we could about the birthing process. we used the Bradley Method of husband-coached natural childbirth. this method is based on relaxing through the contractions with normal breathing & the husband being the coach. I knew this was the route to take after watching 3 natural births {my twin sister & my sister in law} all of which used the Bradley Method. I felt so prepared. we felt prepared. {ladies encourage your husbands to read The Husband-Coached Childbirth: The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth. Bryan read this & was totally encouraged about the birthing process.}

I was 40 weeks & 1 day when my water broke in the wee hours of the morning. 3:00am to be exact. I had just gone back to bed after having to go pee {oh you know, for the 4th or 5th time}. I woke Bryan up to tell him. he was dead asleep when I rattled him. he literally jumped out of bed. we went back to sleep so we wouldn't be tired in the morning. {I knew that I wasn't in active labor & who wants to go to the hospital at 3:00am anyway!?}

with so much excitement I barely slept. my contractions were consistently 10 minutes apart. we spent all day laboring at home. that was our plan. the hours were a blure. my mom joined the party in the afternoon. we walked. we watched a movie. {tip: if you're not ready to go to the hospital, do something to take your mind off of the watching your favorite movie. your favorite tv show. playing a game.} we walked some more. it was a chilly & windy day so I really didn't have the desire to walk, but I knew I needed to. I sore I would walk that girl out! some of our neighbors came outside knowing that I was a girl on a mission to get the baby OUT.

we went to the hospital around 8pm. when we arrived there was no room available. {I felt like Mary with baby Jesus! haha} I was contracting & didn't have a room to stay in! I was in pain. I was furious. tired. thankfully, shortly after we arrived we got settled into a room. the nurse asked questions & took my vitals. I was only dilated 2cm! what?! after the long day I just knew it had to be more than 2 measly cm! I wanted to cry.

because I was approaching 24 hours with my water broken my midwife insisted that I be induced with pitocin. I got mad. I yelled. I cried. I cried some more. I was devastated. our plan was to use no medication whatsoever. I felt defeated. there was nothing I could do. I was so ready to meet Ava. the nursing staff allowed me to walk the halls until it was time to induce.

I didn't get the pitocin til close to midnight. I was scared that it would cause excruciating contractions that would be unbearable. but it wasn't. yes, they came fast. they came strong. then they came faster & stronger. but I was determined. I was so focused on relaxing through my contractions. taking it one contraction at a time. there was no going back. Bryan was there for {almost} every contraction. a guy's gotta go to the bathroom right?! we had a great support system. a great team. I held onto Bryan for each contraction while my mom put pressure on my lower back {I had more back labor}. I don't know if I could have done it without them.

we were so tired. Bryan's legs were literally going weak. I was falling asleep amidst each contraction. I would wake with fear that a contraction was coming. I started feeling the urge to push. my midwife was no where to be found. { find a good midwife} they wanted me to stop pushing but I didn't want to. I couldn't. the nurse checked & I was dilated 8cm. unknowingly I was actually 10cm, but they wanted to wait for the midwife.

when it was finally time to push I took it nice & slow. I had my husband. my mom. my sister. my sister in law. each holding an arm. {or a leg.} cheering me on. I was in the zone. I was so ready. I pushed a total of 4 times. then there she was! our sweet girl. she was a dream. it was so very surreal for me. I didn't cry like I thought I would. it was just so surreal. so much adrenaline was going through me. we had our girl. the one we waited for.

throughout the whole birthing process one thing remained. prayer. I was praying. my husband was beside me praying. my family was in the waiting room on their knees praying for me.  one of my best friends Jenn Lee was at home praying. I know there were others & for that I am extremely grateful. those prayers were what got me through that birth. it was hard. it was painful. yet it was SO worth it.

I would love to say that my birth story went how I envisioned. but this is my story. in the end we have a beautiful gift. a beautiful daughter. our Ava. in the end it doesn't matter if you get an epidural. if you have a c-section. or if you birthed at home. what truly matters is that you have a cuddly baby that is healthy & alive.

to all my prego friends out there ---->>> get knowledgable about the birthing process. read books. watch videos. talk to other moms. join a community group of moms. do your research. you have a say. of course your story will be different from mine. from any other mom. it will be your story. so get to know your story before it even begins.

my sister in law, Jessica has begun her journey as a doula. if you're prego & would like to know more about her services call her! 757.718.2031.

these are just a few great resources for your journey of pregnancy:

- Book: Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way
- Book: The Husband-Coached Childbirth: The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth
- Book: Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
- Book: On Becoming Babywise
- Video: The Business of Being Born


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