Monday, December 22, 2014

tis the season!

Christmas is by far my favorite time of year. everything about it gets me excited. the Christmas tree lit all day. decorating the whole house. no room is without decorations. the crackling fireplace. the hot chocolate...with a mound of marshmallows of course. the Christmas carols. the manger scene. the smell of cinnamon & the hours of shopping. the eggnog {Bryan's favorite}. the Christmas mug. no escaping wearing all the red & green clothing. cuddling on the couch to watch our favorite Christmas movies. baking cookies with my mom. driving around local neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights with the family. rocking that red lipstick. kissing under the mistletoe {Bryan's other favorite}. reading the real Christmas story right from the Bible. buying presents. wrapping presents. finding the perfect outfit for Ava. ok maybe the 3 perfect outfits for Ava. eating candy canes. wearing Christmas socks.

I get so entirely happy about this season. It just makes me think of how excited Mary was every year anticipating another birthday of her son Jesus.

with Ava being so young we haven't decided what new traditions we'll do with her. any ideas? I'd like to start by reading her the Christmas story on Christmas Eve every year.

my mom began a tradition of baking cookies with the grandkids so we'll continue that. I even bought Ava a cute apron in preparation of baking with GeeGee.

what is your favorite Christmas tradition?


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

baking with Ava

just one of the many things that I get extra excited about now that I have a daughter --- baking cookies with her!!! I know she is still so small & almost made a mess of it all, but it was the sweetest thing watching her munch on & poke the cookie dough. dipping her toes in the flour.

I went ahead & made the cookie dough by myself while Bryan kept Ava preoccupied. It just seemed easier that way. hah!

at first she didn't know what to think of the cookie dough. but once she ate it she said, "mmmm." 

I got this cute 4 pack of Wilton sprinkles. I'm glad I did because Ava used them as her teethers. hah! 

this was done very carefully! hey, I wanted those perfectly pointed shaped stars!

I can barely handle the cuteness!! our very own "official cookie taster" 

tis the season for making messes and baking cookies! 

kisses from the baker. 

her very own stocking shaped sugar cookie. loved it!

that face! simply adorable! this is my favorite. 

double fistin! I feel ya girl. gimme all the cookies...

adding the finishing touches. the sweeter the better. 

I hope you're getting into the Christmas spirit like we are!! and I hope you have a huge smile from looking at these sugar filled pictures of my sugar.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

it's beginning to SMELL a lot like Christmas

my oh my....what's that delicious smell?? why it's Christmas, of course!

some smells just remind me of Christmas. I don't seem to notice them until the Christmas season is upon us. its like my 5 senses go in happiness overload beginning on December 1st. and I just love all things red & green during the most wonderful time of year. here are my favorite scents of the season.....

the 10 best smells of Christmas

1. a fresh cut fraser fir Christmas tree

2. cranberries that sizzle & pop on the stove

3. peppermint candy cane {hello fresh kissing breath...where's that mistletoe?}

4. traditional chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven

5. that Smithfield honey glazed ham cooking all afternoon

6. a cozy fire blazing in the fireplace

7. the cold crisp air on Christmas morning

8. hot chocolate & sweet marshmallows in a mug

9. stovetop potpourri: cinnamon sticks mixed with orange. lemon. cranberry. delightful

10. spicy & sweet gingerbread cookies

tell me, what is YOUR favorite scent of the season?