Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coley Poley

i miss cole. he was seriously the best dog EVER! he was the sweetest dog in the world. we had a few dogs growing up, but none like cole. he was my favorite. my brother, sister, & i got him for our parents for christmas in 2007. we were excited because they weren't expecting it at all. they were SO surprised. they loved him. we all loved him. he was so easy going and laid back. we nicknamed him coley poley.

the day after christmas i woke up and he was laying at the end of my bed. "aww!" i thought. the phone rang. it was my mom. "how's cole doing?" she said. "oh, he's doing great...wait...i think he's pooping on the floor!!" that's how the 1st full day with cole started! hahaha. it definitely got better after that! we trained him, taught him fun tricks, and took him for walks.

when my parents left for mongolia for 3 months i was left to take care of him...or was he there to take care of me? i'd say it was both. i was never lonely in the house because i had him. i knew God was with me, but it felt nice to have cole too. he slept on the bed right next to me every night. i felt safe when he was there. one night i went out with some friends to see a late movie. cole was so cute curled up in his bed that i didn't want to wake him. i left out of the house refusing to put him in his crate....well don't you know what i came home to....A MESS!! i could barely be mad at him because he was adorable...and because i should've put him in his crate before i left. the list of shreds: my favorite bible, magazines, a few books. they were scattered out on the floor... needless to say i never did that again!

he wasn't even 2 years old when he became sick. the vet said they thought it was a fungus from digging in the dirt. there was no guarantee that he would survive a parents had to make a decision. we had to put him down in the summer of 2009. before going to work that morning my mom told me i might not see him again. it was sad. i wanted to cry, but i held it back. some people might think it's just a dog, but he was so much more than that. he added energy and fun to our lives. he was a companion. i got home from work. it was raining. my parents were burying cole...i cried. even though he's gone i still have fun pictures of him when he was just a puppy. i kinda want a dog.... hmmm....what does the husband say about that??! hahaha. maybe when we buy a house!

this was one of cole's favorite toys to play with.

he also loved when mom & dad would tie an old t-shirt into knots...
he would chew on that for hours.

my dad loved to get on the floor and wrestle with coley. 

so did my momma! 

how could you NOT love this little guy?!

cole was about a year and a half here...he liked to play outside too....
the evidence was usually on the floor in the kitchen of what he found in the yard. 

apples that fell off of the tree in the backyard ended up in the living room with cole. 

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