Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sprinkled with LOVE!

my brother and his wife are expecting their second baby girl very soon. SO very excited! to make them feel oh so special both of our families "sprinkled" them with a little love. dinner was eaten and gifts were opened.

we have such a loving and close-knit family. jessica is a sister to me. we have known each other for 10 years. wow...the time has flown by! she has been my sweet sister in law since october of 2006. i have had the opportunity to know her on many levels. from quoting every movie we have seen. to talking about babies. husbands. and most importantly our Heavenly Father. i am so lucky to have her in our family. i never have to worry about how silly i might look when i cry because she is the type who will be crying right with me.  she is happy for me when i am happy and she is sad when i am sad. she has a compassionate heart. she truly brings joy to our family.

i love my big brother. i was happy when he married the love of his life and have become even more happy for him with the birth of his baby. you never cease to make me laugh when i'm around you. you're smile is contagious. you are passionate about what you do. i love knowing i have a brother who is a jack of all trades. from raising chickens to growing a garden. i promise to come over for free food. you just wait! i'm very proud of all that you have accomplished, josh! one proud sister.

love you josh & jessica!!!

Sweet treats---my mom's homemade chocolate cake. 

Sprinkled with LOVE!

Preggers-- a sweet niece & a handsome nephew due 2 months apart. 

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