Thursday, April 24, 2014

happy half birthday Ava!

these last six months have FLOWN by. where has the time gone? we continue to be amazed at each new thing that Ava discovers, learns, and eats. she brightens our day with her sweet smile & infectious laughter. our hearts are so full.

at 1 month people said Ava looked like: Titus, her cousin. Papa Guptill. her cousins Israel & Lorelei. sometimes a Boyes. sometimes a Guptill. mostly a Boyes. she has daddy's chin. lips. & brown eyes.

at 2 months Ava discovered: her hands. anything & everything went to her mouth. when mama or daddy left the room. consistently sleeping through the night. laughed out loud. tummy time not her fav!

at 3 months Ava saw lots of people: GeeGee & Papa babysat. Uncle Chad & Aunt Sarah babysat. Gramma & Grandpa Boyes came down for a visit. & places: she went to church. "played" in the snow. went on walks.

at 4 months lots made Ava giggle: tickling her. daddy singing to her. putting her up in the air. nuzzling her neck.

at 5 month Ava had a few favorite things: Sophie the giraffe. bathtime. seeing her self in the mirror. going for walks. playing in the exersaucer. sitting up. fruit too. & a few not so favorite things: laying down. putting clothes on. dropping a toy.

at 6 months Ava brings new adventures: she spins 360 degrees. reaching far for toys. eating some table food. puffs. turkey. banana. strawberry.

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