Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Canadian Vacay

We recently got back from our 2 week vacation on Aylen Lake, Ontario Canada. Between all the laundry and cleaning out bins I managed to upload all of our pictures. Bryan jokingly proclaimed that we didn't take enough pictures of Ava...haha...give me a break! She's our first babe!! 

We had SO much fun on our vacation this year. We hadn't been to Canada with the family for 3 years due to other travel plans. Bryan's family is like my own. It was nice to spend quality time with them. {I did miss my brother in law & sister in law who weren't able to make it}. It was a nice little getaway. no phones. no tv. no internet. a true escape. 

We left from PA to Canada bright eyed for our lengthy 12 hour trip.
Ava did nothing short of amazing! She managed to stay entertained while awake & slept peacefully for naptime. Only around dinner did she start to get a little hangry! Hah! But who doesn't?!?

Even though it wasn't sunshiny weather everyday we still enjoyed the cooler temperatures.  
We did A LOT of relaxing. a lot of eating. and a lot of laughing.

It was so hard to pick just a few of our pictures to share. I hope you enjoy!! 

The tube was a huge hit for children both young & older! What a great investment! No one flipped or fell off, but there were definite moments where I thought I would go skipping across the lake!

We spent a lot of time on the dock. watching the water. watching the passersby.  We had to watch Ava like a hawk because she always managed to find the edge of the dock. 

Bryan & Eric took the boys fishing. Bryan ended up catching the biggest fish the cottage has ever seen. They all had a blast. 

One day we took some of the kids to Blueberry Mountain. We didn't bring home as much as they did last year, but blueberry pancakes & blueberry coffee cake was enjoyed! 

We spent lots of time on the boat. Sometimes I went along for the ride. Other times I rode on the tube. Ava seemed to enjoy the boat rides too! 

The three youngest Boyes cute!! Anya Jane is 13 months, Ava Gabrielle is 9 months, & Austin John is 6 months. 

We didn't go canoeing nearly enough. Bryan & I went out one time with Ava for a short ride before dinner. I didn't have a bad view either --- I got to watch my hubby paddle! 

Bryan spent many days on the lake wakeboarding. I, on the other hand, went out 1 day, but the water was SO cold.

Some of the girls of the house spent an afternoon painting our nails. I pampered the girls and painted all of our toe nails...including the 2 baby girls. It was so much fun! 

The annual Leaning Birches cottage family picture. Such a great looking bunch!! I love my family.

Our last day was spent packing the remaining luggage and coolers. {And taking family pictures of course! hah!} Then we drove off for that sweet American soil!   


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