Wednesday, November 5, 2014

month by month {Ava turned ONE}

the time has come & gone. Ava is a ONE year old now. tear. sad face. where did the time run off to? I remember at 9 months Bryan hugging Ava and saying, "we want you to stay this big forever...don't grow up."

but with each new month she grew. month by month she learned. she explored. new ideas. new concepts. with each new month it was bittersweet. I miss her being so small. so tiny. but with each new month means that I get to teach her. watch her perform new tasks. listen to her form new words. watch her dance to music. help her to grow into a beautiful girl. into a beautiful lady.

each night before bedtime we pray for and with Ava. our prayer is that she will remain healthy in her years. that she will grow in wisdom. that she will have joy. that she will be a light in this world. that she will find her one true love. that she will ultimately come to know Jesus as her Savior and friend. 

as we embark on this coming year with Ava we look forward to the new "first time" moments with her. we look forward to watching her radiant personality shine through to bring smiles to others. everyday she brings us smiles. though she doesn't fully understand now one day she will know how much we truly are blessed to be her parents. we are blessed beyond measure. 

mama & daddy love you baby girl.

<<<----- looking back at these pictures with tears in my eyes brings insurmountable joy. I can hardly remember her being so small. our 7lb 2oz bouncing bundle of joy  ----->>>

<<< 1 month >>>

<<< 2 months >>>

<<< 3 months >>>

<<< 4 months >>>

<<< 5 months >>> 

<<< 6 months >>>
{half birthday}

<<< 7 months >>> 

<<< 8 months >>> 

<<< 9 months >>>
{capturing these pictures has gotten more difficult each month}  

<<< 10 months >>>

<< 11 months >>

<< 12 months >>

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