Monday, December 22, 2014

tis the season!

Christmas is by far my favorite time of year. everything about it gets me excited. the Christmas tree lit all day. decorating the whole house. no room is without decorations. the crackling fireplace. the hot chocolate...with a mound of marshmallows of course. the Christmas carols. the manger scene. the smell of cinnamon & the hours of shopping. the eggnog {Bryan's favorite}. the Christmas mug. no escaping wearing all the red & green clothing. cuddling on the couch to watch our favorite Christmas movies. baking cookies with my mom. driving around local neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights with the family. rocking that red lipstick. kissing under the mistletoe {Bryan's other favorite}. reading the real Christmas story right from the Bible. buying presents. wrapping presents. finding the perfect outfit for Ava. ok maybe the 3 perfect outfits for Ava. eating candy canes. wearing Christmas socks.

I get so entirely happy about this season. It just makes me think of how excited Mary was every year anticipating another birthday of her son Jesus.

with Ava being so young we haven't decided what new traditions we'll do with her. any ideas? I'd like to start by reading her the Christmas story on Christmas Eve every year.

my mom began a tradition of baking cookies with the grandkids so we'll continue that. I even bought Ava a cute apron in preparation of baking with GeeGee.

what is your favorite Christmas tradition?


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